What Makes a Gr8 Leader?

Today’s guest blogger is JC Otero. Join us on this journey every week as guest bloggers share their thoughts on what they believe makes a Gr8 leader. 

JC has been working with a variety of startups and Fortune 100 companies for the past decade and is passionately dedicated to sharing his knowledge with those pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams. Having learned entrepreneurship at a very young age that is constantly being fine tuned,  JC possesses the perfect combination of experience to teach others the mental fortitude needed to keep pushing on and the business skills needed to generate revenue from ideas. 

In his corporate roles with Wells Fargo and Dell, JC was brought in to grow their region’s sales through his incredible ability to build rapport with customers and grow their buying relationship. As an entrepreneur, JC has had stints in varying roles from sales development to marketing to operations to leading development teams in creating automated business processes. Today, JC continues pursuing his passion for teaching others how to make a social impact through entrepreneurship under his brand, The Envisioneer.​

When I think of characteristics of leaders and how it has affected my leadership, trusting thyself tops the list. To me, trusting thyself means to listen to that voice that you hear when a situation arises or when a decision needs to be made. Often times, this inner voice is referred to as your conscious but I see it more as my inner self directing my mind and body how to act. I have learned that in order to trust thyself, you have to first listen and believe in what you are telling yourself.

The best way to do this with all the hustle and bustle around us, is to set aside some time to clear our minds and listen to this voice for how to lead. There are countless leaders I have read about who have used these moments of self-reflection to make the decisions they have made that led them towards being great leaders. I can look back on every major decision I have made that has led me to where I am today and in each instance, I can clearly recall at the time, I self-reflected and trusted myself in my decision.

The challenge to doing this is to not let the outside voices such as peers, friends, family or whoever telling you something opposite of what your inner voice says influence your decision. As a result of being conditioned by society to avoid risk, failure and displeasing others, we often times listen to these outside voices and fail to let ourselves lead the way we know we can. As a leader, we need to hear these outside voices and take that into account but we must not allow them to dictate our decision because in the end, the decision is ultimately ours.

Next time you are faced with a decision and hear that inner voice directing you of how to react, trust thyself and see the magic unfold.


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