Whose goals are you working on?

At SOS Leadership, we often remind coaching clients of this simple idea:

You are always working on goals. It’s your choice whether they are your goals or someone else’s.

Whose goals are you working on right now?

How can you achieve goals you haven’t defined? Perhaps you’ll be lucky and good things will keep happening to you. Maybe you’re one of those fortunate people who gets everything you want in life without really trying. If that’s the case in your life, by all means, stop reading.
Highly successful people don’t rely on luck. They don’t leave things to chance. They plan to achieve. And they make it happen.
When you have clarity about your goals and a clear motivation to achieve them, you can and WILL achieve.
If you don’t have clearly defined goals today, take an honest look at how you’re spending your time. You are working on goals on a daily basis; there’s no doubt. You’re getting things done. You’re checking things off your to do list. But whose goals are you working on? Your boss’s goals? Your coworker’s goals? Your significant other’s goals?
What are YOUR goals? What do you want for yourself? What future will you create? Stop spending all of your time helping other people achieve what they want in life and wishing things would start happening for you. Only YOU can take the first step toward achieving what matters most in your life. Will you take that step today?
You can take the first step in gaining clarity about your goals by working with a coach. Contact us today to get started OR sign up for our 5-week Protecting Goals Showcase, an awesome group coaching experience facilitated by a coach. When you complete the Showcase, you’ll know what your goals are and have a plan to achieve them. SOS Leadership kicks off the Protecting Goals Showcase in Austin, TX on Tuesday, July 12th. Learn more & register by clicking here.

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