Determining What Matters Most

Two days ago I attended a Time Management Myth workshop presented by SOS Partner, Amber Fogarty. Amber read a quote to the group that really related to struggles I have dealt with. The quote she read was by Publius Syrus, and it said: “To do two things at once is to do neither.”

This is such a simple saying, isn’t it? Upon becoming a father two and a half years ago, I quickly picked up the bad habit of trying to do two things at once. I wanted to spend as much time with my son as possible, but still be able to do it all. One thing that I quickly learned is that it is impossible to do it all! There were nights when I wanted to play with my son before he went to bed, but still wanted to continue working as well.

I would have my laptop in one hand, and the remote to my son’s train track in the other. You know what that caused? Chaos! I couldn’t concentrate on work, and my son wasn’t getting the attention that he deserved. So what is my point? How often do we try, and think that we can do two things at once successfully? I know I am guilty of that way of thinking all the time. I want to be the person who can do it all, but it simply isn’t possible.

I reached a point where I realized I needed to step back and determine what matters most to me. It is all about Priorities. While I still have that achiever mentality that I have written about before; I understand now that I need to take time to slow down and take it one task at a time. Like Amber shared, what gets scheduled will get done! I am the most organized now than I have ever been. Keeping things organized has really helped me to maintain my “What Matters Most” focus!

I want to leave everyone with the closing thought that Amber shared: Learning to schedule what matters most first and prioritize your tasks takes practice. We’ve been conditioned to schedule our work commitments, but not our personal ones. Our personal lives often take a back seat to our professional obligations. This is a choice we make, and we can begin choosing to prioritize what matters most TODAY!

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