My Leadership Journey – The Concordia MBA (Part 4)

There is only one class left in my first semester as an MBA student at Concordia University, and it feels great! I am excited that I am one-sixth of the way through, and I feel like I am already growing as a leader. Each class, I find myself coming up with new ideas, going deeper in thought about situations, and thinking more critically. These new ways of thinking are also starting to carry over into my work life.

I recently received a promotion at SOS Leadership to Chief Marketing Officer. After our 2013 planning meeting two weeks ago, I can tell the level of responsibility that I am going to have next year is going to be significantly different. This is an exciting time of growth in my career. Surprisingly enough, I am not stressed or worried about what is to come, but I am excited to take on these new challenges. The Concordia MBA in four short months has taught me so much, and has really helped me to gain confidence.

Hearing my fellow classmates in my cohort sharing stories and thoughts about what they are gaining from the MBA program, and how they use those teachings in their own professions inspires me to want to make something great of myself. It also reminds me how lucky I am to be a part of this great group of professionals for the next two years.
SOS Leadership does not just preach goal setting, but also taking action and achieving those goals. After only one semester in The Concordia MBA program, I know for certain that this is a goal that is important to me. I am determined to accomplish it! I am looking forward to seeing what type of leader I develop into over the course of the next two years!

“What keeps me going is goals.” – Muhammad Ali

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