One Player Can Be a Game Changer!

It has been noted time and time again in this blog that SOS Leadership is committed to developing leaders that make a difference. In society though this common question always seems to come up: Can one leader, one person, one player really make a difference?

Constantly, whether it is at work, home, or school there are always things that people wish could be better. Most times, people realize that change is needed, but they never take the action to implement those changes; or even bring up the fact that changes need to be made. I know that I have been in that position before. In the past, I chose to be a spectator and not get in the game. I figured I was only one person who stood no chance at making the changes that I thought desperately needed to be made. At the end of the day I was not willing to be a leader.

As I have matured it has become clearer to me that one player, one leader can be a game changer! It only takes one team player to step up and be a leader for change to occur. Of course, it is important for the whole team to follow that leader and want the same change to make a positive impact, but one team player is all that is needed to start the implementation of change.

Baylor University’s recent Heisman Trophy winning quarterback, Robert Griffin III, is a prime example that one player can be a game changer. RG3, as known by most, took a school that has rarely been praised for their football ability, and over night put not only Baylor, but also the city of Waco, TX on the map in a positive way. This tremendous accomplishment was done with one player stepping up and one coach who believed in him. Baylor Head Coach Art Briles said: “This outcome, in our minds, wasn’t by chance — it was by design. Robert has been preparing himself to be the best he can be for four years at Baylor. This award is the result of Robert’s dedication and discipline and the support of our team and football program. This is the exclamation point on the direction of Baylor football and Baylor University.” RG3 proved one player is all it takes to propel a team to greatness!

Napoleon Bonaparte once said: “Nothing is more difficult, and therefore more precious, than to be able to decide.” So my question to you is, will you decide to step up and become a game changer? Will you accept the call to leadership?

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